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 Belt Conveyor

Belt Conveyor Design

FATA Automation’s belt conveyors are designed to move unit loads down tracks to its designated area. The belt conveyors can be used in general assembly productions. The belt conveyors are tracks that have rollers or flat top surfaces.

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belt conveyor design   Belt Conveyor Design
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FATA Automation is a worldwide leader in the engineering, manufacturing and supply of belt conveyor systems. Key applications include automotive body shops, automotive paint shops and automotive final assembly systems.

FATA Automation’s belt conveyor systems transfer multiple objects of all different shapes and sizes to its location. Our state of the art belt conveyor systems is designed to smoothly transport the product though minimal openings to prevent any mishaps. It has the variability of speed processes to choose from and has the ability to operate in a quiet manner. The systems require no lubrication and minimal maintenance.

Our highly skilled engineers have assisted our customers in engineering, efficient, flexible systems that have taken up the minimum of floor space. FATA Automation consistently provides our customers with high quality competitive systems. We are able to deliver competitive systems that allow customers to continue service with FATA Automation. A highly experienced project management team has successfully delivered, installed and started up many world class manufacturing facilities for our customers.


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